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What is circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the foreskin, the protective layer covering the head of the penis.



Request Circumcision: Non-medical reasons like parental preference for baby boy, religious beliefs, or potential future disease prevention (common in boy infants). It also includes health benefits, including reduced UTI risk.

Medical Circumcision: Treatment for conditions such as phimosis, recurrent balanitis, or urinary tract infections, typically performed on older children/adults.

Health Benefits of Request Circumcision:


  • 10 times lower risk of urinary tract infection in infants.
  • Elimination of infections under the foreskin.
  • Improved genital hygiene.
  • Substantially lower risk of penile cancer.
  • Possible reduction in sexually transmitted infections for circumcised men.


Procedure of Circumcision:

Various methods under local or general anaesthesia:

  • Cleaning of the penis and foreskin.
  • Plastibell procedure or formal surgical methods with clamps.
  • Application of gauze with petroleum jelly post-procedure.


Risks Associated With Circumcision Surgery:

Although complications are rare, they may include pain, bleeding, infection, or meatal narrowing. Properly trained circumcision specialists and medical settings can minimize risks.


When To Perform Circumcision:

Circumcision should be performed on stable and healthy newborns. Reasons for delay include prematurity, blood problems, or congenital abnormalities. If you intend to get your child circumcised, it is best to do it as soon as possible. The ideal age is within the first two weeks of a child’s life, as newborns are less aware and will recover from the procedure much faster.

Post-Procedure Expectations:

  • Discomfort, swelling, and minor bleeding in the baby's nappy are normal. The wound area may appear unsightly for about 10 days.
  • Recommendations include cuddling for comfort, applying petroleum jelly on a gauze dressing, and maintaining cleanliness through daily baths.
  • Cleaning the Circumcised Area:
  • Mild soap should be used to wash the penis, and diapers should be changed frequently to prevent infection.
  • Avoid attempting to retract the foreskin prematurely. Natural separation occurs over the years, and regular cleaning is essential post-puberty.


Meet Our Expert: With the teams of the best doctors at Chermside Specialist.

Dr Lee Ong

Dr Lee Ong has more than 15 years of experience as a General Surgeon.  Our specialists performing Circumcision are experienced, qualified, and have a strong background in urology. Our Circumcision specialists have performed several circumcision surgeries. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern technology for performing Circumcision surgery and provides full support for post-operative care. 


Why Choose Chermside Specialist For Circumcision:


At Chermside Specialist, we offer research-based clinical treatments, innovative surgeries, and preventive screenings. We aim to ensure a simple, painless, and comfortable experience for your child. We employ various circumcision techniques specially designed for infants, completing the procedure within minutes. These methods have been proven to be both reliable and gentle, with many babies able to sleep peacefully throughout the process. Chermside Specialist also has access to private hospitals in North Brisbane and offers a short waiting list.

Who will performing the procedure?

Dr Lee One from Chermside Specialists

General Surgeon

Dr Lee Ong

Dr. Lee Ong received his MBBS from Monash University, Melbourne, and his FRACS in general surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please talk to us at Chermside Specialists (22 Corrie St
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